Our Privatisation practice is built on our understanding that the main goal of most privatization programmes is the restoration of private ownership of basic economic resources and freeing a competitive relationship within the society and that reformation of State Owned Enterprises' (S.O.Es') internal structures of management into corporate governance is essential in order to the achieve this desired objective. In line with all successful privatization programmes, The Lawsmiths provide legal advisory services to Federal and State Governments as well as Investors interested in the acquisition of State Owned Enterprises listed for sale under the nation's Privatization programme.

Between 2001 to date, we have advised the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) as well as represented several Investors on the privatisation of several state-owned enterprises in the Aviation, Paper Mills, Sugar and Electric sectors of the economy.

In 2005, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) had to rely on our uncompromising legal due diligence report to finally succeed in concluding its delayed divestiture of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s shares in the then Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Limited (NAHCO) now known as NahcoAviance Plc.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss our Privatisation practice with you and are prepared to arrange for an early meeting with you for this purpose, however, if you have any question or you require more information on this area of practice before then, please contact Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson on 0808 217 1556 or E-mail: