Intellectual Property

Modern day pressure on businesses to succeed has resulted in patents and other intellectual-property rights being threatened and infringement of these valuable intellectual-property rights has become a common occurrence these days.

We undertake responsibility for the protection of inventions and enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyrights in Nigeria for our Clients. We provide strategic counsel and aggressive representation to vindicate our Clients' rights in a variety of intellectual property matters and proceedings. Our lawyers have not only the skill but also the experience it takes to get justice for patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret infringements. We employ practical and down-to-earth common-sense business approaches to Client concerns, as well as sophistication in dealing with a range of intellectual property issues for large, mid-size and small companies including entrepreneurial businesses.

We have good relationship with several intellectual property lawyers in major countries all over the world giving us the necessary edge required to render unparalleled service to our valued clients globally.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss our Intellectual property practice with you and are prepared to arrange for an early meeting with you for this purpose, however, if you have any question or you require more information on this area of practice before then, please contact Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson on 0808 217 1556 or E-mail: